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Radiology on Your Schedule

Why Choose Epic?

Founded by physicians, we deeply understand your professional needs. At Epic Specialty Services - Diagnostics & Imaging, we offer you the opportunity to prioritize work-life balance while elevating your career.

Work Flexibility

Work from home with schedules as short as 17-26 weeks a year.

Earn More

Increase your earnings without additional hours. Enjoy the stability of guaranteed pay.


Benefit from our hassle-free administrative support for licenses, renewals, and credentials.


Rely on after-hours support and comprehensive malpractice policies.


Focus primarily on ER cases, with no cancer follow-ups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Become a part of Epic Specialty Services - Diagnostics & Imaging today and redefine your career in radiology.

To integrate seamlessly with our clients, we utilize their PACS and dictation system. Whichever of our clients fits best with your schedule availability will determine the PACS system you will be utilizing. Some of our clients will ship you a workstation, while others will provide you with logins to a web-based PACS to access on your workstation at home.

Yes. Epic Diagnostics & Imaging provides both malpractice insurance and tail.

We specialize in emergency and trauma cases. Our radiologists read your typical “bread & butter” ER cases. Our radiologists typically see the following breakdown of modalities: 60% plain film, 30% CT, 8% ultrasound, and 2% MRI. While we do focus primarily on general ER cases, we do have some sub-specialty needs as well! If you are a specialized radiologist that has an interest in working with us, please reach out.

The majority of our radiologists read a “7 on” schedule. Meaning, they will read for 7 days in a row, Monday through Sunday, and then either take 7, 14, or 21 days off according to their availability. Some of our radiologists are only available during weekdays, but we ask that they provide coverage for one weekend per month. We are also able to work with less frequent and less regular schedules. However, since we need to ensure we have coverage for our clients, we need to know our radiologists’ schedules in advance; we cannot accommodate hopping on and off the schedule when convenient.

We have our own dedicated after-hours and a weekend On-Call Support Team. They will assist in resolving any issues that may arise, including connecting you with our clients’ IT helpdesks.

Yes! We have a full licensing and credentialing team. We will take care of all hospital credentialing forms, maintain your credentialing file, and even apply for and upkeep your state licenses for you at your request.

We work with radiologists who have completed their final year of training, whether that’s residency or fellowship. We are open to beginning employment and contract discussions with radiologists who have 6 months or less left of their last year of training.

All of our radiologists are 1099 Independent Contractors. You are free to moonlight with us, or moonlight on the side – just as long as it doesn’t interfere with the work your contracted to do with Epic Staffing Group!

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At Epic Specialty Services – Diagnostics & Imaging, we specialize in connecting healthcare facilities with top-tier radiology professionals. Our mission is to enhance patient care by providing highly skilled radiologists who are adept in the latest imaging technologies. With a focus on quality, reliability, and innovation, we ensure that our clients receive the best possible radiology services.

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